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July 14, 2012
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"A-All I'm asking for eez a-... a chance~..... " Francis stuttered before he lifted the sign a bit higher, hiding his deep blush behind it.


((My first flash~! ; o ; I feel so proud of myself after three days of hardwork~! Q 7 Q Anyway, this was just something I've wanted to try out for a long time, and I figured, "Eh, why not make a little rp off of it?" And so I did~ U v U .... Did I ever tell you guys how much I hate drawing with a tablet~? ; v ; .... Or digital drawing in general Y v Y

Thanks so much to :iconask-britanniaangel: for all the little pointers~! ; 7 ; And I'll upload a more general version later for valentine's day~ >//u//> ))
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He was holding a cake, decorated in the style of the french flag with a wide rose on top of it. He starred at him, his expression blank before a light pink blush creeped onto his cheeks that darkened as he reread the message. He nearly dropped the cake but caught his balance quick enough to not lose it. " . . . What. . ." was all he managed to say without stuttering.

"U-Uhmm.... w-will you... go out wiz me....?" the french incubus repeated what it said on the sigh, and he continued to hide behind the board, his blush ever growing. Francis had never been committed to anyone before... or even remotely care so much about someone. It took him so much courage to finally ask the angel... to at least ask for a chance.

((....So you like~? >///u///> ))
" . . . I-I . . ." he didn't know what to say he was tounge tied for once. No? That's what he knew he had to say- but he didn't want to break the poor mans heart on his birthday. He was an angel at heart right? But he's an incubus! He hated how he felt at this very moment...but it wouldn't hurt to give him a chance? Just for his birthday. It wasn't like he returned the feelings of anything. It would be a nice present..along with this cake. ". . . " he swallowed and after a couple moments of self pep talk he nodded his head, the cake in his hands shaking.

(( YES. OH MY GOSH- This made my day. ; U ; You are so sweet man! ))
Unfortunately with his head still behind the words, the poor incubus couldn't see the nod. He was still anxiously waiting for a response. For a highly possible rejection. Francis' heart beating in his chest, he could hear his pulse in his own ears and the anticipation was killing him all over again. The demon really hoped Arthur would answer soon.

((Haha~ Yay~! I feel special >u< Btw, if you download it, you can view it larger~ >w> ))
The silence that followed had him shaking in his sandals, he took a deep breath before he uttered the words.
"...Y-Yes." he said with an embarrassing stutter, his heart racing and his stomach doing backflips in his gut. ". . . I will."
When he said 'go out' could he be referring to the young adult phrase of dating or perhaps literally going out? He pondered
this after he answered, his blush remaining on his face.

His ears perked up slightly at the answer, and peaking over the board, he want to make sure they were on the same page. "S-..So you're willing... t-to date me~?...." Almost his entire face was read at the moment. If the angel wanted to go out somewhere for a date, he wouldn't mind that either. Francis would just need a few minutes to think up a proper place.

((Thank you~! Q//u//Q ))
"..I-I don't know about dating-..b-but I will go out with you-..for today at is your birthday..r-right?" he looked down at the cake in his hands. "..I suppose-..I can spend today with you-..if you would like me too..." he paused and stuttered as he tried to speak these words, the cake suddenly becoming his point of interest. "..So...yes."

(( >//U//< No thank you~! For making my day- omg ))
"R-Really~?" By now the board was completely lowered and he had the stupidest grin on his lips. Francis was a bit upset that Arthur was only going out with him because it was his birthday, but still, it was better than nothing, right? "S-So w'at sort of dinner would you like to 'ave~?" the incubus asked as his tail wagged almost like a dog's. Yup, he was that excited and happy.

((I'm just glad you like it~ QuQ ))
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[[ dfkjghdfkjghdf Cuuuuuuute~
I love how his wings moves! (~> w <)~
And his expression is so precious~

I'll be waiting anxiously to see more animations from you :iconsparklesplz::iconimseriousplz: ]]

((Thank you so much~! ;u;
That means a lot coming form you~! ;o;

Don't expect too much >///<
But, could I come to you? If I have anymore questions~? ;w; ))
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